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Tuesday, 29 Nov 2022
Biology translations

Biology translations and interpretations are done by biologists, holders of MSc or PhD titles. These are graduates who have completed their final research project at an institute of molecular biology, zoology or botany. Some of them have written their doctoral thesis in the field of paleobotany, others in immunology, entomology, biochemistry or lichenology. Each text is handed in to a relevant specialist, usually a translator, sometimes requiring substantial consultation with another person who is professionally involved in a narrow specific branch of knowledge. The agency’s founder is an English-Polish and Polish-English technical translator, certified by the Chief Technical Organization in Warsaw, Poland. His technical specialty is biology, among others. He was also granted an MSc degree in biology. 


flower in a pot (botany) – biology translations into Polish  

As a team of translators, we translate, proofread and edit the following documents: biology patents, grant applications, reviews of doctoral theses, summaries of MSc and MA theses and BA dissertations, study curricula, abstracts, research papers (both reprints from non-Polish journals, and in the other direction, i.e. manuscript translations intended for publication abroad), popular science articles, chapters from academic handbooks, Power Point presentations, content-related websites, reviews of professional literature, etc.


parrot (zoology) – Polish biology translations

 Upon our clients’ request we do the following:

  • Sworn translations of biology texts, e.g. declarations of conformity to EU standards needed to distribute scientific research equipment;
  • Translations of scientific texts accompanied by target language native speaker proofreading in terms of the professional preparation of manuscripts for reviewing and printing in non-Polish journals boasting high Impact Factors;
  • Native speaker proofreading and editorial work connected to manuscripts written in English by clients whose mother tongue is not English;
  • Publication adjustments to guidelines of particular journals, e.g. Genome Biology, Biology Letters, Journal of Zoology;
  • Graphics editing and DTP.



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Entries connected to 'Biology translations':

male sex and female sex – Polish translation done by a biologist Evolutionary biology (Charles Darwin, nondirectivity of the mutation process, natural selection, genetic drift);
Systematic botany;
Ichtiology (fish);
Herpetology (creeping animals: amphibians and reptiles);
Ornithology (birds);
Fossil reptiles, dinosaurs;
Cytology and biochemistry: cytobiochemistry;
Antibody (immunoglobulin): avidity and affinity, immune complex and precipitation;
Neurobiology (brain and spinal cord, neurons, glia cells, astrocytes);
Enzyme active (catalytic) centre;
Substrate binding pocket, steric blockade, inhibitor;
Small mammals;
Corvidae (songbird family);
Light (confocal, fluorescence) or electron microscope;
Stereoscope, slide (microscopic specimen);
Cell physiology, osmotic pressure;
Sodium-potassium pump, adenosintriphosphate (ATP);
Hormones of the pituitary gland, liberins & statins, adrenalin (epinephrine); auxins, gibberellins, cytokinins, ethylene;
Mutualism (symbiosis), commensalism, protocooperation, parasitism, semi-parasitism;
Inflammatory mediators: cytokines, chemokines, interleukins, kinins;
Conexin, integrin, actin, myosin, dynein;
Lysozyme and lipopolysaccharide (LPS);
Mimetism (camouflage) & mimicry;
Aposematic and cryptic pigmentation;
Butterflies, beetles (longhorn beetles, carabids – ground beetles), dragonflies.

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