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Tuesday, 29 Nov 2022
Chemical translations

Chemical translations are done by organic and inorganic chemists, among others, graduates of chemical and process engineering. However, if they regard chemical reactions in living organisms – by biochemists, analogously. Translators use updated nomenclature of chemical compounds in compliance with IUPAC recommendations. The following types of documents belong to this group of translations: Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS), Chemical Safety Reports (CSR) or patent applications for chemical drug or pesticide synthesis processes.

round-bottomed flask – English-Polish chemical translations

Texts of data sheets are prepared by experienced specialists from this area of expertise, holding e.g. an MSc or PhD title in chemistry. If an importer wants to register a company’s product in Poland, for instance grease or oil, etc., we provide usable translations of MSDS accompanied by document’s content and structure adjustment to Polish and EU legislation in compliance with current EU Commission Directive no. 453/2012 and REACH guidelines. In such a case, we base our work on data contained in the original document, respective legal regulations and additional information, which we search for and/or we get from our client, and that should be included in the Polish version of MSDS. In this way, we provide added value – both the translation service and text localization service, according to its target readers’ group. Optionally, at the Client’s request, we do the MSDS translation alone with no completion of the document with further information.

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X-ray crystallography, crystal lattice;
Covalent (atomic), peptide, ionic, hydrogen, molecular bond; 
Mass Spectrometry (MS), Infrared (IR) Spectrometry, Ultraviolet-visible (UV-VIS) Spectrometry;
Photon, electron, proton, neutron, energy level, electron shell, energy dissipation;
Physical chemistry, chemical physics;
Atomic Force Microscopy (AFM);
Glass, hydrofluoric acid, solvents;
Hydrides, oxides, hydroxides, inorganic acids and salts, chelate compounds;
Organic aliphatic and aromatic compounds, cyclic and acyclic compounds, Hückel’s Rule;
Hydrocarbons, alcohols, phenols, aldehydes, ketones, carboxylic acids, ethers, esters, amines, amides, carbohydrates, lipids, proteins, resins, polymers;
pH (reaction, negative decimal logarithm of the concentration of hydronium ions), alkalization, acidification, neutralization, biurette, titration.

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