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Tuesday, 29 Nov 2022
Translation agency

As a translatBest Text translation agency - logoion agency, we have been operating in the market since 2005. In our opinion, it is good if a key message is contained in the company name itself. At the same time, we strive to keep our services at the highest possible level, maintaining the most favourable quality-to-price ratio. The company is located in the centre of Jaworzno, approximately 20 km east of Katowice, the capital of Silesia, Poland. Nevertheless, due to a marvellous invention of the 20th Century – the Internet – there are no barriers in keeping in touch, both with our Clients and within the Agency and its remote co-workers. This means that – almost at the speed of light – along with a single mouse click we can reach the most remote corners of the world. People are the best asset of every company. We have scrupulously prepared an internal data base of several hundreds of translators, proofreaders and content-related consultants, amongst whom there are sworn and technical translators, medical practitioners, dentists, biotechnologists, pharmacists, molecular biologists, chemists, zootechnicians, botanists, zoologists, veterinary doctors, naturalists, philologists (linguists), including scientists and other experts from academic circles. On a regular basis, we cooperate with several dozen of those who have proven useful in the space of several years of our activity. The remaining ones support us occasionally – in the case of translation orders between rarer language pairs, e.g. from Polish into Arabic. We also use a few external personal data bases which are open for general use. Hence, we are able to provide translations for all language pairs. We have introduced a pioneering author’s system for the automatic pricing of translation and proofreading services for over 1,400 language combinations, which can be used by a Client via our website – the pricing calculator is accessible by clicking here.

The scope of our services:

  • Translations: standard and sworn, with emphasis on specialist subjects from the scope of Life Science;
  • Interpretations: oral simultaneous (cabin) and consecutive (e.g. whispered);
  • Verification, editing and proofreading of texts, including our Client’s texts and texts translated by our agency;
  • Editorial works, text adjustment, graphic processing and DTP (Adobe InDesign) – a precise copy of the layout of translated documents, i.e. distribution of text blocks/columns and graphic elements, including graphic processing. In other words, insertion of translation portions into graphic objects of the translated document (in the  Corel Draw application);
  • Sales of specialist dictionaries and language lexicons, guidebooks, handbooks for translators, and electronic translators (pocket multi-dictionaries). Visit our translation agency to see and purchase our products or buy on-line.   

The main profile of our activity is specialist translation and interpretation, using knowledge from the scope of life sciences. The translation agency’s founder is a translator of technical and specialist texts, accredited by the Polish Chief Technical Organization, Warsaw, Poland for the English<>Polish language pair, with the following specialties: “Medicine, health care, pharmaceutical science, veterinary medicine” and “Biology”. He achieved the highest grade and was entered into the Organization’s translator registry at no. 011441.                 

We focus on this relatively narrow niche area. Given that, we are building our reputation on a solid base, backed by our Clients’ satisfaction, and expressed either in the form of spontaneous statements or in official letters of recommendation (“Opinions and testimonials” bookmark). Our offer is directed to a broad range of potential institutional clients and private individuals, from wherever they would like to contact us. Furthermore, we do standard and sworn translations of normal texts for companies and inhabitants of Jaworzno and surrounding towns and cities. Since the beginning of our activity we have translated thousands of documents, mostly on medical, pharmaceutical, biotechnology and chemical subjects, and a series of standard official letters. 


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We are at your disposal. We invite companies, including other translation agencies, scientific institutions and private individuals to cooperate with us. Thanks to our strict specialization, we pay special attention to the high quality of our services. At the same time, we are able to maintain competitive prices. Languages are our passion!

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