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Tuesday, 29 Nov 2022
The following types of linguistic services are provided for over 1,400 language combinations, including non-Polish language pairs:
  • interpretations (simultaneous, consecutive, whispered),
  • translations (standard and certified focused on specialist texts),
  • proofreading and editorial revision of texts delivered by our clients.

In view of target clients, our company is particularly involved in specialist translation and interpretation services of texts and oral presentations, namely:
  • globally, in the area of Life Sciences as our main specialty,
  • locally, within the scope of all areas, with special attention paid to sworn translations for local people and companies.

Moreover, we perform verification and editorial proofreading of texts delivered by our clients.

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Medical translations
Pharmaceutical translations
Chemical translations
Biology translations
Biotechnology translations
Veterinary translations
Cosmetology translations
Agricultural translations
Standard translations
Pricing Translation

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